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Global Initiative on Womenโ€™s Security of Tenure

Huairou Commissionโ€™s Global Initiative on Womenโ€™s Security of Tenure is a multi-stakeholder platform to advance an alternative approach on womenโ€™s security of tenure that is grounded in grassroots womenโ€™s experiences.

What the Global Initiative on Womenโ€™s Security of Tenure will do:

1. Bring together stakeholders that believe in the mission of securing womenโ€™s tenure. This initiative recognizes that for change to occur, a shared goal must unite people working to create change on multiple levels and in many arenas. Therefore this initiative is a call to action for grassroots community practitioners, lawyers, academics, urban planners, land surveyors, traditional leaders, government actors and other development practitioners to come together and work to secure womenโ€™s tenure.

2. Consolidate our understanding - map the successes and challenges. Whether people in your field do literature reviews, community mapping or fact-finding - the first step is to determine what is already known and what gaps exist.

3. Plan Actions. Act on Plans. The platform will be a space to both share your own disciplineโ€™s expertise and to collaborate across fields in multi-stakeholder working groups. This initiative will prioritize actions and research that address the gaps identified by grassroots women community practitioners as the greatest challenges they face with regards to tenure insecurity.

4. Champion what works. The platform will be a space to champion and to exchange best practices towards securing womenโ€™s tenure.

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Source: Huairou Commission
When: 03/9/2013

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