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Statement by Women and Feminist Groups at the Ministerial Dialogue on Post 2015 and SDGs

Bangkok, Thailand, August 2013, Delivered by Virisila Buadromo from Fiji Womenโ€™s Rights Movement on behalf of the WMG.

On behalf of Asia Pacific womenโ€™s major group, feminist and womenโ€™s rights organisations participating in this meeting and the preparatory civil society meeting:

Women represent 70% of people living in poverty in Asia Pacific. The current model of development exacerbates patriarchal inequalities and makes women bear the burden of unsustainable economic growth and environmental disasters despite the fact that they are least responsible. Women, as the majority of subsistence farmers and agricultural producers are subject to environmental disasters, rendered homeless and often forcibly evicted from their homes and land by government and corporate land grabbing.

Women in our region produce the worldโ€™s food and other products at increasingly lower prices, working far below subsistence wages in unbearable conditions. Women workers are denied rights to organize and bargain. In the Asia and the Pacific regions, most women work as domestic worker without a day off, nor guaranteed wage.

They are separated from family and routinely abused at home and abroad where they also now take on roles in an unregulated and often exploitative global care chain. In homes, countries, and the region, womenโ€™s rights and autonomy over our bodies and life decisions are violated, particularly due to escalating fundamentalisms.

Womenโ€™s rights and gender equality and justice must be cornerstones of Development Justice.

Policymaking and global architecture over the past 3 decades has led to wealth, power and resources accruing to tiny minority of the world richest and most powerful people and corporations.

Concretely, we contend that the new framework must include the following:


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