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Promoting Empowerment through Journalism WOMEN’S VOICE in the Public Sphere

The UN Commission on the Status of Women

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 | 2:30 pm

Y-Hall, Armenian Convention Center

630 2nd Ave., New York


Carolyn M. Byerly | Professor of Communications, Howard University Elisa Lees Muñoz | Director, International Women’s Media Foundation Martha Leslie Allen | Director, Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press Stephanie Ortoleva | Founder and President, Women Enabled Karen Toulon | New York Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News

The role of news reporting has been recognized as an essential element in women’s social advancement for more than two centuries. Reporting holds the potential to make women’s conditions known and their voices heard, to make women’s contributions to their communities visible and to articulate their views on urgent issues of the day. The U.N. Millennium Development Goals focus on women’s disproportional suffering from hunger and poverty, lower educational levels than men, and lower standing in nearly every social indicator the world over. To what extent are women’s lived daily experiences related to these problems covered in the media? Do news stories use knowledgeable women as sources on social issues? Are women able to gain employment and advance into decision making levels within news companies? Where are women’s voices? Do new technologies, including social media, better enable women to find their public voice?

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