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According to the latest EU data, there is still a 26% difference in rates of employment for persons with and without disabilities across the EU. This is 30 points lower than the Europe 2020 target of 75% employment for persons with disabilities. Despite the implementation of different national and regional policies aimed at increasing the participation of persons with disabilities in the labour market, overall the participation rate of persons with disabilities is significantly lower than for persons without disabilities, which reinforces social inequalities.

Within the framework of its involvement in the DISCIT project, o n 10 December 2014, EDF organised a discussion with Eurostat and the main EU policy-makers to exchange information and data on this important topic and gather innovative ideas on the field. Entitled ‘Persons with disabilities at work: the invisible workers?’, the meeting took place at the European Parliament hosted by MEP Jutta Steinruck , S&D Coordinator of the Employment Committee.

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