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DPI Asia Pacific Member National Assemblies (MNAs)_Minutes of WC June 2015

Dear DPI Asia Pacific Member National Assemblies (MNAs),

I am happy to inform you that DPI World Council meeting adopted a statement in Dhaka on June 30, 2015. The World Council Meeting was held on June 28, 29 & 30, 2015 at our nationally assembly (BPKS) Dhaka, Bangladesh. The meeting approved this statement without reservation.

After Mr. Javed Abidi was elected as World Chair at DPI World Assembly in Durban in 2011, Executive director and a staff were suddenly dismissed from their job. Furthermore, headquarters office in Canada was closed, and then we faced funding difficulties. As described above, we have faced extreme confusion in this period after Javed had become World Chair.

Internationally also, DPI was expelled from IDA, which was the international promotive body of CRPD, for Javed Abidi was lack of cooperativeness. As a result, DPI suffered a serious damage internationally.

In view of the serious situation, Regional Chairs of Asia Pacific, Europe, Arab, Africa held an urgent World Council Meeting. In consequence, as Dhaka statement attached, the World Council has unanimously adopted a decision to withdraw confidence in the present chair Mr. Javed Abidi, Ms. Rachel Kachaje as interim chair, and set up an emergency office in Paris to restart activities.

Hereafter, we will reactivate headquarters in Canada and restart with support of Canadian government. These matters need to be resolved with approval of World Assembly. It will be officially determined through the procedure.

The venue of next World Assembly will be announced in two months. The World Assembly which Javed Abidi announced before to be held in India in April 2016 does not receive approval of either Executive Council members or World Council members. Therefore, Asia Pacific region does not approve it as an official assembly. I will announce further new information when it comes.

We, as Asia Pacific region, unite around Saowalak Thongkuay’s RDO office and deal with this situation

Sincerely yours,

Shoji Nakanishi

Regional Chair

Disabled Peoples’ International Asia Pacific

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