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Abidi removed from DPI post

Indian disability rights activist Javid Abidi has been removed as the chair of Disabled People’s International (DPI) in a “DPI World Council extraordinary meeting held in Bangladesh late last month.”

A statement issued by the Council noted: “We have deep concerns about the unity, status and image of DPI as a constitutional, transparent and democratic organisation and strongly believe that this image has been damaged as a result of the autocratic leadership style of DPI chair Javed Abidi.”

Listing out the reasons for the move the Council noted that most decisions in the name of DPI have been taken unilaterally by the chair without any approval by the World Council and consultation with the executive officers. “Among others, this includes closing of the official seat of DPI in Canada and running the organisation by a non-DPI staff in Delhi and without an executive director. The dismissal of DPI executive director without the consent of the world council as stated in the Constitution that has caused damaging effects on DPI work and prestige and relationship with major funders.”

Abidi’s unconstitutional intervention in countries where DPI is established by revoking elected leadership and replacing it by a new one were also detrimental noted the Council.

The World Council has decided to elect DPI vice-chair Rachel Kachaje as a DPI acting chair for an interim period until the coming world assembly where the election of a new chair will take place.


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