ESCAP Statistical Newsletter, 2nd Quarter, 2008


Re-establishment of the Committee on Statistics

The ESCAP Commission at its last Session held in Bangkok on 24-30 April 2008, adopted Resolution 64/1 ( โ€œRestructuring of the conference structure of the Commission,โ€ which re-established the Committee on Statistics. The first session of the Committee is tentatively scheduled to take place on 15-17 December 2008.

Use of information technology in population and housing censuses in the region

The article looks at the use of technology in the region in all phases of population and housing censuses on the basis of the Survey on Population and Housing Censuses in Asia and the Pacific in August 2007 and to which forty national statistical offices (NSOs) responded. It includes an announcement of the โ€œWorkshop on Census Data Capture and Editingโ€ from 15 โ€“ 19 September 2008.

Voices of the Region - Interview with Mr Kuenga Tshering, Director, National Statistics Bureau, Bhutan, on the challenges of collecting disability data in his country.

Statistics Division Meetings/Training Workshops

This section provides a summary on three workshops conducted this quarter:

Workshop on Managing Disclosure Risk and Anonymization Tools for

Microdata Dissemination, Bangkok, 28โ€“30 May 2008

Workshop on Informal Employment and Informal Sector Data Collection

II: Evaluation, Processing and Utilization of Data from โ€˜1-2โ€™

Surveys, Bangkok, 14โ€“16 May 2008

Workshop on Promoting Disability Data Collection through the 2010

Population and Housing Censuses, Bangkok, 8โ€“10 April 2008

SIAP Meetings/Training Workshops

This section provides a summary on five workshops conducted this quarter:

Fourth Regional Course on Poverty Measurements, Jakarta, 6-16 May


Country Course on International Migration, Dushanbe, 21โ€“25 April 2008

Sub-regional Course on Labour Force and Manpower Projections, Hong

Kong, China, 7โ€“11 April 2008

Introduction to STATA software, distance-learning training course,

Cambodia and India, 1โ€“9 April 2008

Third Group Training Course in Modules on Fundamental Official

Statistics, Chiba, Japan, 29 September 2007 - 14 March 2008

Missions undertaken by Staff

Staff movement (2nd Quarter 2008)

Publication and data release (2nd Quarter 2008)

CD ROM Version of the Training Manual on Disability Statistics

Visitors to ESCAP Statistics Division, April - June 2008

Meetings and training courses of Statistics Division and SIAP, 2008

Other forthcoming statistical meetings in the ESCAP region, 2008

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