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Action alert : Invitation to online forum on discrimination in education (7-13 December 2009)

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, on the 10th December, the Right to Education Project invites you to a one-week-long online Forum (http://www.right-to-education.org/node/711) on discrimination in, to and through education. NOW ACTIVE!

Inspired by Katarina Tomaยševski: "If discrimination is not fully exposed, it cannot be effectively opposed", the Forum aims to be a space for dialogue and exchange of views, experiences, and resources that can be used to expose the reality around discrimination in education around the world and improve laws, policies and perceptions.

We start off the discussion with the following questions:

. Addressing discrimination requires changes in legislation, administration,

resource allocation, but also attitudes, teaching methods and learning content. In your experience, what are the key obstacles to achieving these changes?

. The international human rights framework is very strong on non-discrimination (Art 2 of the CRC and other treatise). How can it be used

better to translate principles into reality for the rights-holder?

Please join us this week at this link: http://www.right-to-education.org/node/711 and share your thoughts with us. There will be expert contributions from our distinguished Advisory Panel ( http://www.right-to-education.org/node/113) , but it is primarily YOU that we want to engage and hear from!

Looking forward to reading you online!

www.right-to-education.org( http://www.right-to-education.org )

or info@right-to-education.orgation.org

When: 7/2/2014

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