Design For All Institute of India: Newsletter November 2011 Vol-6 No-11

Content of November 2011 Vol-6, No-11

  1. Chairmanโ€™s Desk
  2. Editor
  3. Universal Design in India
  4. Universal Design India Principlesยฉ 2011: A Methodical Collaborative Team-Work
  5. UDIP: What and Why, Itโ€™s benefits and impact
  6. UDIP and Ergonomics Perspective
  7. Universal Design India Envelope - The Scope of its Implementation
  8. Practical Application of Universal Design India Principles: An Evaluation
  9. What Does Universal Design Mean in India
  10. The Role of UDIP in Policy Design

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Source: Design For All Institute of India

By: Design For All Institute of India
When: 7/2/2014

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