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Work is essential for realizing other human rights and it forms an inseparable and inherent part of human dignity. Employment of persons with disabilities is about the opportunity to gain a living by work freely chosen or accepted in a labour market and work environment that is open, inclusive and accessible.

Hence, the Zero Project 2017 is focusing on Work, Employment, and Vocational Education and Training, and our call for nominating innovative policies has just been launched!

Any type of policy can be nominated, concerning:

- any form of work (employment, own-use production work, volunteer work, trainee work),

- any status of employment (employees, employers, own-account workers, members of producers’ cooperatives, contributing family workers and other) and

- all phases of employment (including recruitment, hiring and employment, advancement and conditions of work), including those innovations that facilitate the transition from segregated settings to forms of employment in the open labour market.

Consider, for instance, policies concerning:

- non-discrimination,

- the transition from school to work,

- technical and vocational guidance,

- placement services and assistance in finding, obtaining, maintaining and returning to employment,

- vocational and continuing training, inclusive apprenticeships,

- adaptations to the workplace, job design, tools, machinery and work organisation,

- self-employment, entrepreneurship, cooperatives and starting one’s own business,

- financial incentives and tax exemptions,

- just and favourable working conditions,

- career advancement,

- part-time employment and other job arrangements,

- supported employment,

- coordination with other services (e.g. embedding employment specialists in clinical treatment teams),

- peer support,

- train-the trainer-programmes,

- disability-inclusive social security or

- certification of companies.

Submitting a nomination is easy:

Read the instructions first, complete the nomination form (also available in other languages) and then send the nomination form to: i.heindorf@zeroproject.org by May 15, 2016 (23:59 CET).

If selected, the nomination will be included as an “Innovative Policy 2017” in the Zero Project Report and on our Website. Nominated organizations as well as their nominators will be invited to become part of the Zero Project expert network. Moreover, representatives of the most outstanding Innovative Policies will be invited to present at the Zero Project Conference in February 2017 in Vienna (Austria).

More information

We are looking forward to receiving your nomination!

The Zero Project Team & Zero Project Partners

The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities closes its 15th session (29 March- 21 April 2016)

During the session, the Committee held interactive dialogues with Portugal, Thailand, Chile, Slovakia, Serbia, Lithuania and Uganda, as well as adopted lists of issues on Guatemala and Bolivia.

It also held a day of general discussion on Article 19- the right to live independently and be included in the community on 19 April. The programme of the day of general discussion is available here and written contributions can be found at the Committee’s day of general discussion webpage.

The day of general discussion was preceded by a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Convention during which the campaign for universal ratification of the CRPD was launched.

Together with the Permanent missions of Germany and Israel, IDA hosted a side event on the day of general discussion on Persons with disabilities living independently and being fully included in society through the use of innovation and technology

This 15th session immediately followed the CRPD Committee’s 5th pre-session which took place from 21-24 March 2016 during which it adopted the list of issues on Ethiopia, Moldova, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Colombia.

At its formal closing, the Committee made the following announcements:

• It adopted decisions on 2 communications under its Optional Protocol (OP)

• It adopted note on all the communications received in interim period between 14-15th session

• It adopted follow up report on those decisions adopted under OP

• It considered matters pertaining to an inquiry procedure under Articles 7 & 8 of OP

• It decided to set up a second inquiry procedure

• It adopted the report of 15th session

• The 16th session will be held from 15 August- 2 September 2016 during which it will adopt the list of issues on Canada and review Bolivia, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay whose rapporteurs are as follows:

o Bolivia- Silvia Quan

o Colombia- Silvia Quan

o Ethiopia- Martin Babu Mwesigua

o Guatemala- Ana Pelaez

o Italy- Diane Kingston

o UAE- Mohamed Al-Tarawneh

o Uruguay- Carlos Parra Dusan

• The 6th pre-session will take place from 5-9 September 2016 during which it will adopt lists of issues on Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Honduras, Iran and Jordan

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The Indigenous Persons with Disabilities Global Network (IPWDGN) is a network of indigenous persons with disabilities that was founded in May 2013 in order to promote the rights of indigenous persons with disabilities, reach out to new communities and engage with international and regional human rights and development processes. The IPWDGN is guided by the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UN DRIP).

The IPWDGN is hiring two Regional Coordinators to support the work of the Network in Asia and Latin America for the period 16 May – 16 December 2016.

Please find the Terms of Reference for the Regional Coordinator (Asia) and Regional Coordinator (Latin America) attached in both MS Word and PDF formats.

Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter to regionalcoordinator@ida-secretariat.org with "Application: IPWDGN Regional Coordinator" and please specify "Asia" OR "Latin America” in the subject line, by Friday 6 May 2016.

Indigenous persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

ToR_IPWDGN RC_Asia.2016

ToR_IPWDGN RC_Latin America.2016


Dear friends of Protection International

We extended the deadline of the registration for the online course "Security and protection management for human rights defenders and social organisations"

http://protectioninternational.org/2016/03/10/online-course-human-rights-defenders/?platform=hootsuite until 18th April 2016.

This course is mainly addressed to NGOs, social organizations and persons interested in the security work for HRD, their organizations and/or communities. Take a look at the presentation https://prezi.com/2eovsgtsuwjk/present/?auth_key=5w1dp9g&follow=und1mosn89ya&kw=present-2eovsgtsuwjk&rc=ref-100961857

or watch this video summary https://prezi.com/2eovsgtsuwjk/present/?auth_key=5w1dp9g&follow=und1mosn89ya&kw=present-2eovsgtsuwjk&rc=ref-100961857 of the course and see below more details:

* Objectives: With the present course we aim for human rights defenders to develop various skills, capacities and strategies to allow them to improve the level of security and protection, both for themselves and also for the people they work with.

* Duration: 60 hours over 12 weeks (approx. 5 hours per week)

* Course: Online distance learning (using Moodle)

* Hosted by: Nora Rehmer and Sylvain Lefebvre from Protection International (protection experts with extensive training experience in many countries)

* Director: Enrique Eguren

* Dates:*From 2nd May until 24 July 2016 *

* Next trainings: September - December. Registration until 15th August 2016

* Registration: *Ángela Díaz* (administrator)

email: e-learning@protectioninternational.org

Guadalupe Casas Communications and Outreach Officer

Protection International

24th Seoul International Wheel Chair Marathon on 30th April 2016

We are Seoul International Wheel Chair Marathon Organizing Committee.

24th Seoul Wheel Chair Marathon will be held at 8:00 am 30th April 2016.

The place will be at Seoul Jamsil Olympic main stadium.

You can attend Full, Half races.

Currently we are receiving your application. You can apply from 7th March(Mon) to 6th April(Wed).

Our webpage is as following,


You can apply on this address directly thru mentioned date.

A. Competition title : 24th Seoul International Wheel Chair Marathon

B. Period : 27th April (Wed)~ 30 April(Sat) 2016

- Arrival date : 27th April (Wed)~ 28th April (Thu) 2016

- Course survey : 29th April (Fri)

- Main Race : 30th April (Sat) 2016

- Departure date : 1st May (Sun) 2016

C. Place: Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium and around Seongnam City in Kyeongki-do

D. Participated races : Full (42.195Km) / Half (21.0975Km)

E. Free offered details for all participated athletes and coach (limited only one coach)

- Period: 27th April (Wed) 2016 ~ 30 April (Sat) 2016

1 Free accommodation and breakfast (lunch and dinner by personal payment)

2 Fee transportation and translator for a race during period

Regarding participating details, we provide accommodation, breakfast, airport transportation to the hotel (Seoul Olympic Parktel) and translator personally. And the participation fee is free.

We highly appreciate your concern this competition which world well-known players participate.

Sincerely yours

Leslie, Yeonsoo Choi

foreign athletes coordinator

Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon Organizing committee

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