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ILO Global Business and Disability Network: Annual Report 2013

That features the Network activities from last year, including Network meetings in Singapore, Istanbul, Shanghai and Amman. Please find the report enclosed, and on our website: http://www.businessanddisability.org/images/pdf/annualreport/ILOGBDN_AR2013.pdf


The next 27th June is the celebration of the International Day of Deafblind Persons. The date refers to the birth of Helen Adams Keller (June 27, 1880). Helen Keller was a writer, lecturer and American social activist. She was the first deafblind person to get a bachelor's degree. Everyone that follows my battles, me, Alex Garcia, deafblind person, knows that we have little to celebrate this date, but it is enough to highlight our dedication, enthusiasm, and criticism and claims.

Helen Keller said: "One can never creep when one feels an impulse to soar."

I, Alex Garcia, did not agree and I will never agree to creep. I wish, I need to fly. I observe the life of human relationships and the world and my criticity begs and says: "The deafblindness constitutes the broader “scourge in life” in the history of this country and many other countries.

Our authorities "deaf and blind" attempt of all forms hide it, hide and make it more and more invisible deafblind persons, having as main tool the hierarchy of the human being.

The term "scourge in life" should be understood as "being alive but without development."

On this International Day of Deafblind Person will we celebrate claiming? I continue seeking support in order to press the Brazilian Government - Ministry of Education (MEC), to fulfill what was taken on September 5, 2013, in the Public Hearing to Address the Social Inclusion of deafblind persons, at the Commission on Social Security and Family of the House of Representatives. As a result of the Hearing, the representative of the Ministry of Education, Rosana Cipriano Jacinto da Silva, a commitment to set up a Working Group for the effective promotion of policies of education for people with deafblindness in the scope of MEC.

So, I did this petition to collect signatures. I already have received signatures from people from many countries of the world, but I need much more. Please note carefully and sign the petition. Please share this message and encourage your colleagues and friends to sign it. It is so important to the deafblind persons.

Thank you so much for your cooperation on this journey to success of deafblind persons.

Let´s celebrate the International Day of Deafblind Person claiming for our rights and to build up a better and equal society.

Thank you in advance for spreading this post. It is good way to cooperate, so in the International Day of Deafblind Person our voice will be heard and our presence felt.

Alex Garcia – Deafblind Brazilian

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Identity of Disability Studies: From the History of Disabled People's Movements in Japan

In this book the author deals with Disability Studies as a "theory of freedom" which regards the viewpoint of anti-eugenic thoughts as a key concept and is rooted in Disabled People Liberation Movement in Japan. The author overcomes the viewpoint the Social Model of Disability presents critically and offers a new avenue for forming a new theory of Disability Studies.

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DP Hanoi – One year looking back

Mrs. Phan Bich Diep - Vice Chairwoman of DP Hanoi spoke at the conference

Although 2013 has gone, it left on each member of DP Hanoi a pride for contributing a colorful picture to DP Hanoi. These shapes and color palette on that picture helps to visualize more clearly a development way of DP Hanoi. Most of activities and programs were for the strategy vision in the period of 2010 - 2014, which is "By 2014, DP Hanoi will be admitted to be successful in raising awareness and protect equal rights of persons with disabilities by the Party, Authorities, community, local and international organizations related to people with disabilities

In 2013, DP Hanoi got remarkable achievements in the field of organizational development and policy-implementing advocacy related to PWDs. This is so important for DP Hanoi to perfect its organizational structure and capacity building. DP Hanoi has been actively promoting activities of Mobilization Boards to establish DPOs at levels and made use of support of Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs, and Department of Home Affairs in Tay Ho, Thuong Tin, Chuong My and Ung Hoa. With the establishment of DP Chuong My in July and DP Ung Hoa in November 2013, up to now, a number of DPOs in Hanoi area are 26. This is results of efforts of two Mobilization Boards as well as positive concern and support of People's Committee, and functional departments in Chuong My and Ung Hoa Districts.

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Congratulations Disability in Myanmar

Myanmar National Disability Conference

Myanmar National Disability Conference

After Myanmar ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in 2011. In this regard to development of persons with disabilities but one person one voice it not enough for social movement in Myanmar. And opportunities the conference builds on recent momentum at the nation level to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities throughout the country. Disability in Myanmar has success fully to establishment of Myanmar Council of persons with disabilities on June 12, 2014

The aim:

1. Discuss the main barriers that persons with disabilities experience and to issue a declaration that highlights the rights of persons with disabilities to enjoy full access and inclusion in society.

2. Advocate for adoption of the national draft disability law.

3. Establish the independent “Myanmar Council of persons with disabilities” at the national level.

And has developed a draft nation disability law that is in line with the obligations set forth in the CRPD. Parliament will consider the draft law during its next session.

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