Details of the Organization

NameSwedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Organization TypeInternational Non-governmental Organization
Disability TypeCross-disability
Address105 25 Stockholm Sweden
Telephone(+46) 8 698 50 00
Fax(+46) 8 20 88 64,
Contact Person
Brief Introduction

Sida is a government agency of the country of Sweden with over 650 employees. Sida channels its resources through NGOs, multilateral cooperation, and the EU, among others and is interested in promoting the idea of โ€œinternational development cooperationโ€ to replace the one-sided giving indicated by the term โ€œassistance.โ€ Supporting over 2,000 projects in over 100 countries (over 20 of them are specially designated as target countries), Sida seeks to create partnerships with companies, popular movements, organizations, universities, and government agencies for its development projects. Sidaโ€™s geographic focus is on countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Last Updated23/6/2009

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