Details of the Organization

NameAnoxic Brain Injury
Organization TypeOther
Disability TypeCross-disability
CountryUnited States of America
Address1234 5th Avenue East, Tampa, Florida 33605 USA
Telephone(813) 273 0017
Contact PersonAshley Burns
Brief Introduction was created and sponsored by the Swope Rodante law firm as a knowledge-base for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors to help answer these kinds of questions. While the site is relatively new, we hope to eventually have answers and information about all of the most frequently asked questions and important issues facing survivors. Our daily blog will have information about news and developments. We will have in-depth articles, links to resources, and commentary on developments in research and recovery. We are also building a video library that will have basic information that survivors need to know about. Our library will also have videos of other brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors and their families who will talk about lessons they have learned and tell their personal stories about hope and coping. If requested, we will also try to provide additional help and information.

Last Updated30/8/2012

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