Bangladesh Sign language Day


1 February, 2010 in frontvashkar of Chittagong Press Club. People were gathered to observe Bangla Sign Lanuage Day. Amra Alor Pathe a Deaf Circle was organized this program in association with Songshoptaque,Chittagong Society for the Disabled(CSD), Society of the Deaf & Sign Language Users(SDSL). As the part of commemorating the day they organized Human chain & mass gathering. And after this they submit a memorandum to Honorable Deputy Commissioner, Chittagong to ensure the rights and dignity of persons with hearing impairment. The prime demand of the persons with hearing impairment is to declare and observed 1february ,Bangla Sign Language Day by the Government.

Almost 2.6 million deaf people are living in Bangladesh. Bangla Sign Language is the first language of these people. Instead of verbal communication deaf people use sign language to express and share with others. Bangla sign language users community is the largest community among the language based minority communities in Bangladesh.

By: Santanu Dey
When: 7/2/2014

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