NDF Pakistan observed International White Cane Safety Day in Nawabshah

NAWABSHAH: Activists of Nawabshah Disability Forum and National Special Education Center seen taken out rally to mark International White Cane Safety Day.

Nawabshah Disability Forum (NDF) and National Special Education Center Nawabshah took out awareness rally to mark 15th October an International White Cane Safety day here on Friday. Hundreds of blind people started rally from Shiraz choak marching various roads ended at Press Club. Speaking on the occasion NDF President Abid Lashari, Akram Jatt, Anna Iqbal Bhatti, Saima Arain, Nisar Dinari, Nisar Brohi, Zahid Lashari, Hafiz Bakhshan, Adnan Shah and others said that White Cane is a symbol of blindness. White cane supports blind people, it should be respected at levels. They further said Braille should be included in the course of National Text Book Board and be given

position as part of curriculum in all mainstream Government Schools. They curshed misperception about disability that disability is unacceptable and big issue to be resolved, They added that disability is not issue but different life style. Disabled people should be encouraged at all walks of life. They demanded of Government the ratification of UNCRPD, as 87 countries have already ratified it. They said 2% job quota was also not met due to poor implementation. They sought to reserve seats in the parliament for 10% population of disabled people, to include them in the process of decision making. They wanted conducive atmosphere, barrier free and rights based society. They termed disabled people are productive citizen of society. They stressed upon to understand that disabled people are not sick to be cured; they are not children, to be kept in homes to care. They are not even gods, to be worshiped, they are humans as others. They should be offered equal opportunities to enjoy their rights like others, they added.

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When: 7/2/2014

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