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Algae Growing, Harvesting and Extraction Technologies and Networking/Strategic Alliance Conference, August 1, 2011, Santa Fe Community College Santa Fe, New Mexico

Algae biofuel has the potential to meet the world's growing energy demand. Due to its high productivity, algae represents a sustainable pathway for helping to reduce capital and operating costs of biofuel production, due to its high productivity, mitigation of CO2, and broad product portfolio. Moreover, algae have the potential to yield greater volumes of biofuel than other biofuel sources. Algal biomass has been recognized as a promising alternative source of raw material for continuous renewable biofuel production. And algae can be produced in the US, stimulating manufacturing and jobs in America, where they are desperately needed.

NAA's events all center on the same common theme: moving algae production out of the research lab and into commercial-scale production. The Santa Fe conference on August 1 is no different. Learn about:

The agenda for August 1 includes AlgaeVenture Systems, BARD Holdings, New Mexico State University and Santa Fe Community College, the USDA, MerckMillipore, New Solutions Energy, Waterwheel Factory, Solutions4CO2, and CBO Financial, along with along with updates from NAA's Algae Oil Spec Committee, and industry updates by Algae Industry Magazine and Emerging Markets Online. The day will end with a tour of New Solutions Energy's Algae Base Station and SFCC's new Trades and Advanced Technologies Center, a state-of-the-art building that provides hands-on, compelling learning opportunities promoting up-and-coming high-demand, high-wage "green" jobs and careers. Join the collaborative effort toadvance the algae production industry!!!

Join the NAA in Santa Fe on August 1, 2011 to discuss algae production and deployment strategies, lessons learned, business practices, progress made and partnerships created. Observations from prior events include: "All they talk about at other conferences is what needs to be done - NAA isn't just talking about it - it's getting it done!" "I always come to NAA events because there are always results." "Other events discuss research enhancements and what's happening in Washington - your events always showcase the progress we're making towards creating this new algae production industry."

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