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Gender and Organizational Change (22-26 April 2013, Turin)

How can organizations become gender responsive and transformative?

Analyse success stories (and the barriers!), and go deeper by looking at gender as part of an organizational change management strategy rather than a stand-alone item on the agenda.

This training is particularly relevant for gender focal points, gender facilitators public and private institutions, civil society facing challenges on mainstreaming gender in their own organizations, in projects and in the community they work in. It is also relevant for managers and directors dealing with transformation in their organization and implementation of gender action plans as the workshop will focus on how to implement sustainable change.

This training will be offered in French and English with simultaneous interpretation and focuses on a method that can be used in all types of organizations.

Deadline to apply: 15 March 2013

More detail from http://gender.itcilo.org/cms/images/stories/res_courses/course_descriptions/A906041_GOC_flyer_En.pdf

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Source: International Training Centre of the ILO
When: 27/2/2013

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