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India film fest on disability

AbilityFest, 3rd India International Disability Film Festival will be held in Chennai from Oct 1 to 5 '09. This bi-annual festival is organised by Ability Foundation. As part of the festival, the third edition of "60 Seconds To Fame!", a all India One minute filmcompitition on disability is open to participants. This is a great opportunity to let loose young minds to bring out some great ideas on "equal opportunity" for persons withdisability as well as to get their films seen by the doyens of the film industry who will be adjudging the winners. In the bargain, it is also a great opportunity to win cash prizes to the tune of Rs. 2.25 lakhs. "60 Seconds To Fame" is open to all Indian nationals. All that is necessary is to have a movie camera in hand, creative ways of expression, sensitivity of mind and empathy for all human beings and the sensitivity of mind to appreciate and celebrate humankind's diversity, focusing on persons with disabilities. The theme this year is thus - โ€œEqual opportunitiesโ€.

More details and the entry forms for "60 Seconds To Fame" are available at :

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