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Call for Submissions "Rising Through the Challenge: Documenting and Analysing Best Practices for Advancing Human Rights based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression".

ARC International and Mulabi are working in collaboration to present this conference from October 9thโ€“12th, 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (A brief description of the sponsoring organisations is below.) By hosting this conference in Latin America, we acknowledge the recent constitutional, political and legal victories that have been achieved in this region, as well as the advancements made in terms of social awareness of gender/sexual diversity as an element that makes societies richer, and encourage organizations from around the globe to share and offer analysis about best practices that advance human rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Mulabi ( ) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-hierarchical organization bringing together activists from the Global South with different sexual, gender, ethnic, national (and other) identities. Mulabiโ€™s mission is to work on issues related to sexualities and rights from critical and celebratory perspectives - including the promotion of autonomy and empowerment among those most excluded using their sexuality as excuse- as well as to circulate Latin American perspectives on these issues. In order to fulfil its mission, Mulabi uses the shared building of transformative knowledge as its main strategy.

This is only a call for submissions of 10-15 best practice case studies to be presented and analysed at the conference, and published in an on-line resource manual. A general call for applications to attend the conference will be circulated at a later date.

Organizations are requested to submit brief proposals (using the form below) regarding their particular best practice experience, no later than July 24th, 2009 to

A selection committee will review the proposals and select 10-15 organizations to produce a narrative of 7-10 pages in length.

The criteria for selection includes:


  1. What is your name, city & country of residence, and contact information?
  2. What is your organisational affiliation?
  3. In 150 words, please describe your โ€œbest practiceโ€ experience and why
  4. you consider it to be an example of โ€œbest practiceโ€.

    Please submit by July 24th, 2009 to

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