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Call for Nominations Human Rights Defenders Tulip Award 2009

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2009 Human Rights Defenders Tulip award. Anyone can submit a nomination. The nomination form can be found on this page. Nominations must be received by 23 August 2009.

Established in 2008, the Human Rights Defenders Tulip Award is an initiative of the Dutch government. It is awarded to acknowledge โ€œpersons who have shown exceptional moral courage in protecting and promoting the rights of fellow human beings.โ€

The winner receives an individual cash award of EUR 10,000 plus the opportunity to submit a project proposal to the value of up to EUR 100,000, to be used to intensify his or her human rights work.

The winner of the award is chosen by an independent jury. Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Verhagen will present the Human Rights Defenders Tulip on Monday 9 November 2009.

Nominees can be form any country. Nominees should be individuals (not organisations), whose daily activity is to promote or protect human rights using peaceful means. They should be human rights defenders who have faced or be at risk of facing negative consequences because of their work. They are individuals who could benefit from the recognition and visibility associated with winning the prize.

Anyone can submit a nomination. Nomination forms and instructions can be found on the award website: . For further information please contact Chris Collier at the Secretariat of the Human Rights Defenders Tulip by e-mail or telephone (+31-6-34936026).

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