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Global Network for Entrepreneurs with a Disability

The Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities was formed in early 2010. It recognises that it is possible to initiate a call to action, to challenge and change international policy, practice and participation of people with disability in developing and building their own successful businesses.

"We believe that around the world, there are many thousands of potentially successful business owners with disabilities who are in business now, but not making the most of it; ready to start-up but are facing a variety of obstacles; or are thinking about starting a business, but are not yet skilled enough to progress their ideas".

To achieve their potential they need encouragement, support and informationโ€ said Australian based Co-Founder John Little.

"We recently presented to an audience of 500 HR and diversity professionals from Americaโ€™s top corporations at the US Business Leadership Network conference in Chicago. It was a great honour to have been offered the opportunity to launch the Network at such an important event".

For more information, please visit at and register their support.

Source and Email from: Frank Mulcahy

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