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Special Event on Disaster and Disability: Lessons from Japan, September 24, 2013

Japan experienced serious damages due to the Great East Japan Earthquake which took place on March 11th, 2011. We express our sincere gratitude for the kind support from various countries.

Among nearly 20,000 victims, the mortality rate of persons with disabilities was double that of general population, according to the government reports. We believe from our experiences that disability-inclusive approaches are essential for the building of disaster-resilient communities.

In this special event, we would like to share our experiences, including the efforts of Rikuzentakata City, which was devastated by the tsunami, under the motto "building communities where there is no need for the word Normalization," and talk about our future activities towards Post-2015 Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction, and Development Agenda.

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Source: Japan Disability Forum (JDF)
When: 17/9/2013

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