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The celebration of the life of Lesley Hall at Northcote Town Hall, Tuesday, 2pm 29 October 2013

The celebration of my sister Lesleyโ€™s life was a remarkable day with family, friends, and colleagues flying in the every state in Australia to part of this day to remember her.

Around 500 people filled the Northcote Town to hear tributes from people close to her. Lesley was very specific about what she wanted, a celebration not funeral and that after the tributes she would depart.

The majority of people were able to stay on for refreshments at the Town Hall with many continuing the celebration into the evening at the Peacock Hotel across the road.

I have been overwhelmed by all your condolences and tributes and have copied them into a word doc of well over 180 pages which I have printed and given to our mother who immensely proud of Lesleyโ€™s friendships and work.

I have attached a shorter copy of Lesleyโ€™s Celebration Program and some tributes or you can see them at

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When: 04/11/2013

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