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Press Statement: NFDN Welcomes the Ordered Against Opponents by Supreme Court of Nepal

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) would like to welcome on the today's ordered to show-cause in the name of opponents by Supreme Court of Nepal over the writ filed by Shudarson Subedi on behalf of NFDN demanding order to include Persons with disability (PWDs) in the formation of Constituent Assembly of Nepal.

Subedi's claim was, at least 5% PWDs should be nominated compulsorily in the Constituent Assembly formation period after the election is completed. Interim constitution of Nepal has the constituent provision; Nepalese Government will nominate 26 persons in Constituent Assembly. Subedi has filed the writ in the Supreme Court of Nepal on 8 November 2013, raising the Rights of PWDs on political participation which was violated because political parties of Nepal neither in the first past the post, nor the proportionate election system included the PWDs and his argument is based on the percentage that PWDs covered in total number of population of Nepal the PWDs has the rights to proportionate participation in the constitution making process.

Hearing over the writ today, on 10 November, 2013, the single bench leaded by Justice Tarka Raj Bhatta ordered show-cause against the opponents; the Government of Nepal office of the prime minister and the parliament, Election Commission of Nepal, United Communist party of Nepal Maoist, Nepali Congress and Nepal Communist party United Marxists and Leninist.

PWDs have been proactively participating time and again in the political movements of Nepal with the political parties and also had participated in the historical people's movement of 2006. As a result, it was possible to establish the federal republic of Nepal by the power of Nepali people though the political parties had lost the people's trust. The first CA election was successfully completed however it could not succeed to give a new Constitution to Nepalese People. The political parties amended the interim constitution of Nepal time and again for different reasons, but they completely neglected to the PWDS to include in Constituent Assembly election as candidates in both election systems the first past the post and the proporsonate. All large parties completely neglected the PWDs however, we are hopeful from the honorable Supreme Court to receive the judgment in favor to us.

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