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A Few GETCH Summer Updates To Warm You During Your Winter Holiday!

We are writing to wish you a wonderful holiday season!

We have a few updates from GETCHโ€™s events:

We hope will bring warmth to you as you read.

One telling story that we would like to be sure to share here, is that of 2013 summer camp participant Jia Wei. A delightful, kind, intelligent young man from Guangzhou, Jia Wei also has a condition called cerebral palsy. Because of aggressive bullying by fellow students and a lack of intervention by administrators in his school due to his disability, Jia Wei eventually dropped out of high school, and has been out of school and out of work for the past several years.

During the summer camp, Jia Wei shared his dream to one day find a job in a cake shop making cake. Something about the warmth of sharing and celebration with others seems to suit Jia Weiโ€™s demeanor well. Because he had not had any success finding work, this idea of making cake seemed only like a distant dream.

And then a beautiful thing happened, immediately following the summer camp. Jia Wei experimented on his own with making his first cake and brought it finally to GETCH to share with student leaders who had worked as organizers. What a perfect way for all of us to celebrate the changes that happen in studentsโ€™ perspectives and actions through the camp.

More details of how this yearโ€™s camp has worked to expand opportunities and inspire youth with disabilities can be enjoyed in the attached 2013 DYSC Report. Also inside are included some of the future goals, to extent the camp in 2014 to work not only in Guangzhou, but other two camps in other cities in China. We invite individuals and organizations who are interested to be part of this exciting work, to contact us about how to work together.

We need some budget for 2014 summer camps and we are also looking for sponsors. If you are interested in supporting us, please let us know.

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