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European Commission Study on Accessible Tourism

The European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT โ€“ Brussels), EWORX S.A. (Greece), and Valdani Vicari Associati (VVA โ€“ Milan) have been selected by the European Commission to carry out a study investigating accessible tourism services across Europe. The project will analyse supply chains and performance in all of the EU Member States and will propose recommendations and priorities for actions to increase and improve the availability of accessible tourism services.

As part of the study, an Online Survey has been launched in order to gain a better understanding of the thoughts and experiences of businesses in accessible tourism. If you are a tourism service provider (- or if you can send notify a service provider about this survey), please go to the following link: to take part in the survey.

Results of the study will be presented at a European stakeholder workshop in Spring 2014 where the European Commission will present its proposals for policy actions and initiatives at the European level.

For further information, you may contact the research team through the contact page on ENATโ€™s website or emailing with โ€œEU Accessible Tourism Supplyโ€ in the subject line.

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