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Accessible Buses for All in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok trafficDPIAP would like to ask for your kind cooperation to circulate these very important letters signed by DPI chairperson and DPIAP regional chairperson to your network as much as you can. As you may know, the government of Thailand will purchase new 3,138 buses to replace the long-used ones. However, only some of the new buses will be accessible to people with disabilities as well as those requiring safer accessibility. Buses are the very fundamental mode of most affordable transportation, which will extricate people with disabilities from being trapped in their homes to the outside world, where opportunities are abundantly available. Accessible and affordable transportation is truly vital and we cannot wait any longer. Please join us on this campaign to raise awareness on accessible transportation to ensure that all the new buses procured by the Thai government are accessible. Your kind cooperation is strongly important.

Download the letter signed by DPI chairperson / Download the letter signed by DPIAP regional chairperson

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