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The Sexual Health and Wellbeing Shared Agenda with a wider audience of stakeholders to obtain their feedback

As you may be aware, development of the Pacific Regional Sexual Health and Wellbeing Shared Agenda 2014-2018,

which follows from the Pacific Regional Strategy for HIV and other STIs Implementation Plan 2009 – 2013 (PRSIP II)

has been taking place since early 2013. The Shared Agenda aims to set out the collective vision of stakeholders (including

governments, civil society organisations, and development partners) to improve sexual health and wellbeing of everyone

in the Pacific. Issues covered by the Shared Agenda include: HIV/STIs, contraception and unintended pregnancy, gender

based violence and sexual assault, adolescence sexual and reproductive health rights.

The consultations with key stakeholders on the Shared Agenda were:

- March 2013: ‘Making Wave Consultations’: HIV and STI Programme Managers and Coordinators from 17 of the

21 invited PICTs. Held in Fiji and Guam.

- June 2013: WHO/SPC Programme Managers Meeting (STI/HIV and RH Programme Managers and Coordinators

from 21 PICTs). Held in Fiji.

- August 2013: ‘Nothing about us without us’: Consultation with 30 representatives from key populations and civil

society. Held in Fiji.

- October 2013: 12th Triennial conference of Pacific Women and Ministerial Meeting. Cook Islands.

- December 2013: Pacific Youth and Sports Conference and Ministerial Meeting. New Caledonia.

The development of the Shared Agenda is led by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in collaboration with the

Working Group consisting of regional development partners. A Task Force of government representatives and civil

society organisations play an advisory role in the development of the Shared Agenda. As listed above the Shared Agenda

was developed through extensive consultation with government representatives and civil society including National

STI/HIV programme manager and coordinators, government personnel such as Directors of Gender and Youth , regional

and national non-government organisations and representatives of key populations. It is anticipated that the Shared

Agenda will be tabled at the Pacific Heads of Health meeting in April and at the Health Ministers Meeting in June 2014.

We are inviting feedback on the attached draft and below are some additional questions to assist in the feedback:

1. Does the scope of the Shared Agenda address the range of sexual health issues of your country? If not, what

would you add/change?

2. What would be the role of your organisation in the implementation of the Sexual Health and Wellbeing Shared


3. Are the proposed indicators relevant to measure the successes of the Shared Agenda?

4. As being a collective regional initiative who do you propose as the appropriate body for the oversight and

coordination of the Shared Agenda?

We would appreciate if you can kindly distribute the Shared Agenda and questions widely within your organisation and

external networks for review.

Please send all feedback to Michelle O’Connor (,) Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy and

Planning Adviser, Public Health Division, Secretariat of the Pacific Community by 7th March 2014.

Yours sincerely

Dr Dennie Iniakwala

Team Leader – HIV & STIs

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