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Gender equality focus for Asia-Pacific MPs

Achieving gender equality is a major priority for Asia-Pacific parliamentarians as they renew efforts to end inequality in international forums and celebrate upcoming International Women’s Day events, says Senator Claire Moore, vice-chair of the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD).

“Much progress has been made since the implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) adopted by 179 nations in Cairo in 1994 but many challenges still face us today,” said Australian Senator Claire Moore.

“Our region’s parliamentarians want an emphasis on a stand-alone goal on gender equality and women’s rights in the Post 2015 framework and we want to see progress at April’s UN Conference on Population and Development in New York.

“One in three women has experienced physical and/or sexual abuse, and in some places men openly admit they have raped and face no consequences. In no country are women equal to men in political or economic power – these are the realities revealed in the recent UN Population Fund (UNFPA) review, Beyond 2014 Global Report,” said Senator Moore.

Senator Moore praised the efforts of Timor Leste’s Parliament, the newest national chapter of the AFPPD, which has achieved a 38 per cent rate of female parliamentarians – the highest in all the parliaments of Asia-Pacific.

“The 18 per cent average only of female parliamentarians across the Asia-Pacific is a clear example of inequality and we must all work harder to ensure there is a level playing field for all people wishing to serve their communities as MPs, regardless of their gender,” said Senator Moore.

Senator Moore commended parliamentarians in Timor Leste who this week are undertaking two major outreach workshops with regional secondary students on gender equity and governance.

AFPPD deputy director John Hyde will attend the workshops in the western town of Maliana with 20 Timor Leste parliamentarians to document and film their advocacy programme in local communities.

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