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Call for Presentations: Applications, New Services & Case Studies

Who Presents at the M-Enabling Summit? Presenters at the M-Enabling Summit are individuals, companies, education or nonprofit organizations who participate in the Summit and wish to share their solutions for seniors and users of all abilities with key players of the mobile accessibility eco-system. Applicants from all countries are welcome. The M-Enabling Program Committee selects presentations of applications, mobile web sites, devices, peripherals or services that leverage new mobile technologies, have demonstrated benefits for seniors and users of all abilities and are currently available with documented user’s experience.

Why Submit a Presentation? 92% of the Summit’s participants rank sessions with hands-on demos and exchange of experiences among the most useful. Among those participants are mobile service providers, organizations of seniors and persons with disabilities, assistive technology and rehabilitation professionals, special educators, leaders of community and care services for seniors, large corporations CIOs seeking new ways to deploy mobile services for customers of all abilities. The Summit is the largest global conference exclusively dedicated to accessible and assistive solutions with mobile ecosystem participants from more than 32 countries.

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Submission deadline: March 21, 2014

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Looking forward to seeing you in Washington, DC June 9-10!

-The M-Enabling Summit Organizing Committee

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