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Building Human Rights Capacity in Asia and the Pacific

Welcome to this issue of DTP’s E-Newsletter. You will see that DTP has begun to mark its 25th Anniversary as an organisation engaged with assisting the individuals and organisations working to promote and protect human rights and to uphold universal values of human dignity in the Asia-Pacific region.

For 25 years DTP has been working with individuals and organisations working to free political prisoners, to stop and prevent torture, “disappearances” and political killings, to ensure economic development does not lead to forced evictions, and environmental destruction, to address gender discrimination and for recognition of the rights of Indigenous peoples.

DTP has done this work in a spirit of solidarity and partnership, recognising the value of sharing knowledge and experience, of building skills and networks – and with an understanding of the capacity of individuals working together to make real change.

The movement for human rights is built on the commitment and energy of individuals working together often in very difficult and challenging circumstances to bring a focus on forgotten victims, on people marginalised and made vulnerable in their societies. This issue of the E-Newsletter marks the sad deaths of two such courageous individuals, Irene Fernandez who did so much to bring attention to the treatment of migrant workers in Malaysia and the region, and Karpal Singh who worked as a lawyer on so many human rights cases before the Malaysian courts as well as working to end the death penalty. Please see the acknowledgements and tributes to them and their inspiring work in the E-Newsletter.

Across the region, DTP alumni are working in different ways and capacities to ensure that commitments to human rights are upheld. There are profiles of two of them, Nurul Quoriah and Sayeed Ahmad in this E-News.

We are working with our DTP alumni – including in particular Myo Min and Htoo Chit – on our forthcoming program in Myanmar. The recent changes in Myanmar are an example of the power of persistent, creative, collaborative advocacy and the importance of international solidarity. Political and economic change in Myanmar is bringing new and different challenges – and our program there will focus on these.

For 25 years DTP’s work has been sustained financially by individuals and organisations who recognise the value of investing in individuals as the drivers of change – of building their knowledge, skills and networks. If you can please make a donation so that we can continue to invest in training courageous human rights defenders on the frontline. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and will be acknowledged.

Please see the requests for action for human rights and thank you to those who have sent in information.

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