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Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction:Changing Mindsets through Knowledge

Sendai Statement to Promote

Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilient, Inclusive and Equitable Societies in Asia and the Pacific

We, persons with disabilities, policymakers, practitioners and advocates in the fields of disaster risk reduction and disability rights, gathered at the Asia-Pacific Meeting on Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction: Changing Mindsets through Knowledge, held in Sendai, Japan, on 22 and 23 April 2014, united in our common concern over the prevailing tendency in the disaster risk reduction discourse to limit disability within the category of vulnerable groups,

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The next meeting will be the AP Ministerial meeting at UNESCAP in June 2014 & the next World Meeting on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction measures to be held in Sendai in March 2015.

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Source: The ASEAN Disability Forum
When: 29/4/2014

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