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DP Hanoi – One year looking back

Mrs. Phan Bich Diep - Vice Chairwoman of DP Hanoi spoke at the conference

Although 2013 has gone, it left on each member of DP Hanoi a pride for contributing a colorful picture to DP Hanoi. These shapes and color palette on that picture helps to visualize more clearly a development way of DP Hanoi. Most of activities and programs were for the strategy vision in the period of 2010 - 2014, which is "By 2014, DP Hanoi will be admitted to be successful in raising awareness and protect equal rights of persons with disabilities by the Party, Authorities, community, local and international organizations related to people with disabilities

In 2013, DP Hanoi got remarkable achievements in the field of organizational development and policy-implementing advocacy related to PWDs. This is so important for DP Hanoi to perfect its organizational structure and capacity building. DP Hanoi has been actively promoting activities of Mobilization Boards to establish DPOs at levels and made use of support of Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs, and Department of Home Affairs in Tay Ho, Thuong Tin, Chuong My and Ung Hoa. With the establishment of DP Chuong My in July and DP Ung Hoa in November 2013, up to now, a number of DPOs in Hanoi area are 26. This is results of efforts of two Mobilization Boards as well as positive concern and support of People's Committee, and functional departments in Chuong My and Ung Hoa Districts.

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