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Pakistan Disable People International (PDPI) Election Report

Pakistan Disable People International (PDPI)   Election

Agenda :

1. Recitation of Holy Quran

2. Presentation of 2 year’s progress

3. Discussion on matter of the hijacking of PDPO website.

4. Election

5. Word of Thanks

PDPI organized Annual General Body meeting held in Karachi at KMC sports complex Kashmir Road on 14th of July 2014. Member organizations from all 5 provinces participated in meeting. Matter discuss related to those organizations who violated the constitution and stolen website password. All are agree to cancel the membership of that organization, two of the organization gave written apologize letter for the violation of constitution. Majority of member organization accepted their apologies and restore their membership.

With the mutual understanding of all the member organization who presented, 3 member organization representatives were selected as election committee member and a representative from the social welfare ministry Government of Sindh (District officer and Secretary Social Welfare Government of Sindh) and some person from civil society was present in this program to observe the meeting and Election. At least 500 hundred persons including PWDs were also present in this program.

AGM pass resolution that the name of PDPO change into PDPI due to stolen the Password of Website and AGM authorized newly executive body to form new website and Facebook page with the new name that is PDPI also approved/Amend the constitution to form provisional chapter of PDPI. Some other constitutional changes also occur.

More constitutional changes were made in AGM.

The name of newly elected body:

Mr. M. Mobin Uddin President, from Sindh

Mr. Sana Ullah Mari Vice President, from Balochistan

Mr. Jawaid Rais General Secretary, from Sindh

Mr. Kamran Joint Secretary, from Punjab

Ms. Fatima Treasurer, from Sindh

Mr. Irshad Qazmi Executive Body Member, from Gilgit

Mr. Asad Ullah Executive Body Member, from KPK

Mr. ShamsUddin Executive Body Member, from Sindh

The meeting is adjourn with word of thanks

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Source: Pakistan Disable People International (PDPI)
When: 19/8/2014

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