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The ADA Image Project

Hello! I'm going to be launching the ADA Image Project on Kickstarter in just two days: Wednesday, September 3rd. It will be of interest to fans of American history, politics, disability rights, and photography. I'm hoping you can help me spread the word.

The ADA Image Project is designed to capture the amazing and profound -- yet often unrecognized and woefully under-documented - positive changes in American society due to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The founder of the ADA Image Project, Mary Lou Mobley, is a long-time disability rights attorney and a professional photographer.

This is a chance to see a groundbreaking law's impact as it plays out in the lives of countless Americans. If the project is fully funded, the ADA Image Project will develop a collection of original fine art photographs to commemorate some of the many advances in American society made possible by the ADA, in time for the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act on July 26, 2015. Images will be published in a coffee-table book, a

2015 calendar, and as individual prints.

Additionally, key images will be made available free of charge to disability rights groups, so they can use them in their marketing and outreach campaigns.

The collection's focus will illustrate connections among people with and without disabilities that would not have been possible prior to the ADA and related laws, to illustrate the law's important legacy and to capture this point in history. The ADA has caused changes big and small in American society; so many of them are woven tightly into the fabric of modern life that we too often take them for granted. Simply put: our nation is stronger due to the ADA, but we rarely take the time to recognize the source of this strength as a groundbreaking law that helped set people with disabilities free to embrace more fulfilling lives.

The ADA Image Project will primarily reflect large and small victories, rather than cataloging challenges. As a country we are often laser-focused on the struggles that lie ahead. We can get overwhelmed with the feeling that there's too much left to do. But this project will help celebrate our accomplishments by taking the time to capture how small changes in society have wrought huge changes in individuals' lives. As a nation, we have a right to be proud.

Please pledge during the ADA Image Project's fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, starting September 3rd. Pledges of $10 or more will earn a dedication entry of up to 20 words in the coffee table book.

And "like" the ADA Image Project on Facebook for more information and updates.

I've attached some sample images that you may use on your blog. The


* The dancers of Spoke N Motion Dance Troupe, comprised of people with and without disabilities, celebrating after an exhilarating rehearsal

* Jaime Lewis, an employee of the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, enjoying sunrise, while he fishes from an accessible fishing dock (there were no or very few accessible fishing docks prior to the ADA)

* Kristin McIntosh, a member of ADAPT, playing on a colorful piano from her vibrantly-painted wheelchair, along Denver's accessible 16th Street pedestrian mall

* Joel Hunt, a wounded warrior and paralympian, who has PTSD, TBI, double vision, and paralysis of his left leg, celebrating his strength during a workout, while his service dog Barrett waits nearby.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you!

Mary Lou Mobley


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