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Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to report that action/2015 is gearing up for the delivery of an innovative action/2015 campaign to demand ambitious outcomes from key sustainable development and climate change summits in 2015 through public awareness and mobilization.

Action Team Directory. Action/2015 is a highly decentralized and open campaign that carries out its work and gathers momentum mainly through the work of various action teams focusing on different areas of work, including expert areas (communications, media, logistics, campaign processes, etc.) thematic areas (e.g. particular campaign themes like climate change, poverty reduction, etc.), representing constituencies (gender, faith, youth, disability, etc.) or geographies, or any combination. These action teams are action-oriented, project groups, with clear terms of reference to deliver specific campaign activities and strategies. Action teams are inclusive, opt-in, consultative and work to the principles of the campaign.

Please find attached a directory listing all current action/teams with a brief description on what they are trying to achieve and indications on how to join these groups and engage (the document is also saved here, with regular updates as more groups get created).

Note that any participating organization(s) that would like to initiate and facilitate an action team in an area/theme that is not yet covered by the current action teams should do so now by enlisting others to join via the action/2015 Googlegroup at and organize an initial call.

Action/2015 Google Calendar. For more information regarding upcoming action team calls, please review the action/2015 calendar at .

National Initiatives Spreadsheet. Please list your organization to the National Initiatives spreadsheet at so we can start mapping the regional, national, and and local initiatives to connect as many organizations with each other so everyone knows who's working on action/2015 in their country and region. If you are having doubts on how to populate the spreadsheet, please feel free to email your organization’s information to the action/2015 Global Hub Coordinator at .

How to invite other organizations to join the action/2015 campaign? Registration is open and free to any organization that supports the campaign’s vision (see Istanbul Communiqué here and Campaign outline there), and organizations interested in joining the movement can register at: .

Planning an action/2015 campaign activity? Please let us know if you are planning an action/2015 campaign activity and/or if you have identified a key moment that could serve to build or maintain momentum for the campaign. The Global Hub Coordinator, Marie, will be collating initiatives and ideas at to share with the group.

Download the document

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Marie L’Hostis, the action/2015 Global Hub coordinator, at or via Skype at marie_lhostis.

Many thanks and best wishes from Peru,

Marie L’Hostis

Global Hub Coordinator

Phone: +51 1 242 4628

Mobile: +51 95 95 24 995

Skype: marie_lhostis



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