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Action/2015 Update - ASIA PACIFIC

2015 is almost here! Although it is a critical opportunity for transformational change, it is only the beginning. And that is why it is important that we ALL participate. It is also an opportunity to bring together a new generation of change makers who can work towards and ensure that pledges made in 2015 are not forgotten as we proceed towards 2030.

We had sent out information earlier about a new campaign geared towards post-2015 development agenda called Action/2015. This campaign is focusing on taking the momentum of advocacy on the issue to the grassroots. Disabled People's International (DPI) is part of this campaign.

I am sharing with you all some communication on the current focus areas of the campaign. Organisations are free to join in. Details are given below.

This is a great opportunity for the disability movement to include our issues in the larger advocacy towards post-2015. We highly encourage you to take out some of your time and read the information below carefully.

Join the campaign and be a part of the movement!

Download the document

Best wishes,

Parul Ghosh (Ms.)

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When: 16/9/2014

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