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Regional Conference among 3 Major Networks of ILC

Mr Frederick Miller

Regional Conference among 3 Major Networks of Independent Living Centers in Asia-Pacific: Thailand, Korea, and Japan

on 1– 7 September 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

To promote an implementation of Incheon Strategy “Make the Right Real” for person with disability in Asia and Pacific has main aims to share good examples of practices and discuss to seek a solution in which independent Living center can work side by side with the government agency to include IL in National policy. The output are 1) press, 2) country report on progress of IL and its policy, 3) and exchange of good examples of practice, in services, programs, advocacy and policy formulation. The forum method is action learning and participatory approach.


Strengthen the implementation of Incheon Strategy Goal 4; enhancing services and programs that support persons with multiple and severe disability in living independently in the community in national policy.

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