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Report on the situation of violence, The women with disabilities the North and Northeast.

Office of Women's Affairs and Family Development with Association to Empowerment the Potential of Women with Disabilities (AEPWWDs) organization capacity building workshops to be prepare. Report on Violence against Women with Disabilities in Northern Natural Resort. Phitsanulok Province on June 30 - July 2, 2014 and the Northeast at City Park in Nakhon Ratchasima between 13 - August 15, 2014 to see the situation of violence against women with disabilities. This will bring to the development of guide to prevention and solution violence against women with disabilities, including the development of appropriate services for women with disabilities. Moreover, to create and develop a network to work together on issues of violence against women with disabilities.

The participants consisted of
.1. Women with disabilities(vision. Hearing The movement). Which will discuss the issue of violence that occurred. That might tell from experience. Or the experiences of others who are experiencing problems.
.2. Parents and caregivers of women with disabilities.. This will help to reflecting the views of the violence that happens to girls with disabilities.
.3. The staff and volunteers involved in areas. such as staff from the Social Development and Human Security in, provincial and local governments. President of the Center for Family Development And volunteers Which will reflect the situation of violence against women with disabilities overall occurred both in the province and the community.

The results indicated that the women with disabilities confronted violence at both the individual and the violence that occurs in the structure. Violence against women with disabilities encounter There are many variations of .
1.Physical violence. This is the violence committed by causing a physical injury such as beatings from her husband, beatings from family, etc
2.Sexual violence. An act of violence that affect the brutalized damage or loss related to sexuality such as forced sexual intercourse, rape,
3.Mental acuity. An act of violence that results in the victim received. Psychological trauma, such as a parody of their rights, disability, homeless and Marriage
4.Economic violence. An act of violence, deprivation of the rights of the victim in the control of economic resources, such as not entitled to inheritance, and
5.Structural violence. This violence is caused by unfavorable policies, regulations and facilities for the disabled. Including action in practice the result. Disabled have not been fully developed, such as schools reject children with intellectual disabilities to receive. Training and development of students enrolled. Because a special education teachers for the school. The disabled rejected Work due to no potential.

Violence against women occurs despite disability find a pattern similar to women without disabilities. However, when considered in detail, we found that women with disabilities are more vulnerable than women in general due to a disability, that the disabled can not protect themselves from the acts of violence. The actions and attitudes that view women as sex objects also handicapped accessibility has been limited and abuses. Due to the excessive protection of the family. And the shame of the family, it is the belief that the violence would not be prosecuted. Criminalize the act Because of a disability, such as women with a hearing disability. Could not ask for help In addition, the lack of opportunity to access the services of the state to provide assistance and due process. Accessibility is another factor that makes it more vulnerable to violence.

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