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Workshop on Rights Sensitization and Disability Equality

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This workshop want to participants understand for disability issue is not As a result of limitations or ability of the body. But disability is from social oppression discrimination exclusion and limitations of participates in society. Social model will be change attitudes from “disability is problem” to “society has barrier”. Social model it great to impact on the disabilities issue in society to knowledge about disability from social model to promote on the rights and disabilities equality


1.The participants change new attitudes to be able to analyze the problem disability issue on social model

2.To development of action plan of barrier free to participate of person with disability suck as work education or dally life.

3.To understand social model for affect the disabilities development and affect the independent living of person with disabilities to influence the attitudes believe language cultural To cause negative to person with disabilities

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Country: Thailand
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Source: The Disabled Peoples' International Asia-Pacific (DPI/AP)
When: 29/10/2014

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