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Report to the UN the Committee against torture and Human rights Committee from Japan

I report from Japan

Now in Japan the psychiatrist from Trieste came and made the lecture and he justified forced hospitalization as the right to health.

I have respected Basaglia practice to abolish hospitals for long time but now I am very skeptical to Italian psychiatrist practice

I am facing the words " Force or Neglect" in Japan and the right to health is a very good tool to override CRPD now

Ms María Soledad Cisternas Reyes, chairperson of CRPD committee will come to Japan early next month and she will speak at JDF(cross disability organization and our national group is a member of it) seminar.

In Japan many professionals and human rights activists and also some users believe that forced hospitalization is necessary for u/s and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations –lawyers organization- recently published the statement for perfect implementation of CRPD and they said that forced hospitalization is necessary and should be minimized with advocacy system .

JFBA will have the meeting with Maria and I wish they will recognize that their statement overrode CRPD Article 14,

But I am afraid that they have very hard heads and will not understand it.

We our national organization now try to organize cross disability organizations and also human rights NGO including JFBA members to make the campaign to amend Prevent Abuse against PWDs ACT and to make the monitoring body for mental hospitals and institutions.

The ACT will be amended next year.

There are some activists who try to amend MHL to make such monitoring system for mental hospitals and MHL will be amended in 1916 so befre 2016 next year we now challenge to make the comprehensive monitoring system

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