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Accessible Transportation Around the World: focus on children with disabilities

Our attached January 2015 Newsletter focuses on getting disabled children to school in developing regions. We need to prepare a guide looking at specific issues of transport to school, following up our earlier guide to starting up and scaling up door-to-door services for mobility-impaired persons. The illustration on the first page is one of many scenarios for addressing this daunting challenge with transport which may be more affordable to parents in situations where municipalities are not up to the task.

Your comments are welcomed on the need to enhance transport for children with disabilities to school and on ideas about how to make this happen. Of course we fully recognize that transport is only one of a great many factors which must be addressed together.

The illustration on page one is available for use for non-commercial purposes, free of charge and without further approval. I suggest you contact me in order to receive this illustration in higher resolution.

Those wishing to donate to our work via PayPal may do so on our website: We are a small agency taking on large issues and assistance is needed and appreciated!

With our best wishes at this holiday season,

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Tom Rickert

Executive Director

Access Exchange International

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