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Diversity, inclusiveness and non discrimination in the world of work

The ITC-ILO is launching a workshop on:

Diversity, inclusiveness and non discrimination in the world of work, 23-27 February 2015, Turin - Italy (A908093)

In this workshop we will analyze exclusion and indirect and intersectional discrimination mechanism and how they can be prevented. The workshop will particularly tackle discriminatory grounds related to gender, persons with disability and LGBTI and will look at national and organization level policies and practices using the Human Rights Based approach as the common baseline.

• More information on the flyer: click here

• Application form available by clicking here (deadline to apply: 16 January 2015)

• A few partial fellowships are available for nationals of developing countries according to the OECD list

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This workshop is a joint endeavour of the International Labour Standards, Rights at Work, Gender Equality Programme (ILSGEN) and the Workers' Activities Programme (ACTRAV).

Please contact us if you require further information.

Very best regards,

Johanne Lortie, Activity Manager, ITC-ILO

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