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Project Title:

• Disability Watch Afghanistan.

Project Goal:

• Promoting the civil and human rights of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) through development of Disability Watch Afghanistan.

Project Objectives:

• Development of a civil monitoring and reporting mechanism on disability rights in Afghanistan.

• Advocating for improving implementation of national and international commitments and obligations of government on the rights of PwDs.

Project Output

An alternative report developed and submitted to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with disability.


The government of Afghanistan joined the Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (CRPD), passed the national Law on the Rights and Benefits of PwDs (LRBPD), integrated the disability in Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and National Priority Programs (NPPs) as a cross-cutting issue, and so on. Besides all these developments, still there are serious gaps and limitations in all the layers of government and society for inclusion PwDs.

However the above policies and commitments have been created, but still there is not a clear picture on how these commitments and obligations are being addressed. Research findings show that inter-ministerial coordination between different government ministries is weak. This has translated into a deficient implementation of the policy framework. Some of the reasons behind such deficiencies include lack of capacity and coordination among government ministries, weak policy implementation, lack of data, and the absence of programs that support PwDs in a holistic way4 e.g. the Law on the Rights and Benefits of PwDs (LRBPD) has been passed on 2009, but no report has been issued by any civil or government agency to indicate the achievements and progresses.

This law is still missing the required procedures for and implementation commitments by other ministries as a cross-cutting issue. Afghanistan ratified the UNCRPD on November 2012, but there is not a clear implementation mechanism or focal point in the government to oversee the implementing progress and reporting process, yet. Almost the same situation exists in other national programs and policies regarding disability interventions. Any country that joins CRPD, should present its first report of progress in two years of joining and afterwards on four-year basis to UN CRPD. On the other hand, the civil society also can produce parallel reports (shadow reports) with the state parties upon ratification of CRPD

For tackling this situation, CCD considered to develop the Disability Rights Watch Afghanistan.

Saifuddin Nizami

Executive Director

Community Centre for the Disabled (CCD): A Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities

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When: 16/1/2015

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