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The latest report on people living in detention who live with disability

the latest report form NEDA and the supporting media release for: “People Living with Disability in Immigration Detention” the Media statement also holds a link to the document on the NEDA website.

"The Plight of People Living with Disabilities within Australian Immigration Detention: Demonised, Detained and Disowned".

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Scope of Report

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Asylum Seekers in Perspective: What’s Happening Globally?

3. Mandatory Detention in Australia

4 Australia's Human Rights Obligations

5. Obstacles to Disability Identification

6. People Living with Disabilities in Australian Immigration Detention

7. Infrastructure and Services for People with Disabilities

8 The impact of indefinite detention

9 Upholding Dignity and Privacy

10 Truth and Transparency

11 Conclusion



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Source: The National Ethnic Disability Alliance
When: 10/4/2015

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