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Publication of ICEVI - The Educator - January 2015

The recent meeting of the ICEVI Executive Committee resolved that henceforth most of the publications of ICEVI should be produced in digital formats so as to reach out to larger audience. In response to this recommendation we are sending herewith a digital copy of the January 2015


1. Message from the President

2. Message from the Guest Editor

3. ICEVI Fact Sheet

4. ICEVI Regions & Countries

5. Memorandum of Association

6. Articles of Association

7. Responsibilities of ICEVI Officers

8. ICEVI Technology Initiative

9. EFA-VI Campaign – Its Origin, Growth and Strategies

10. EFA-VI Global Campaign – Guidelines for Countries

11. Brief on Higher Education Programme

12. Concept of Vision Alliance

13. Vision Alliance Policy Statement on Low Vision – 2015

14. ICEVI-WBU Joint Policy Statement on Education – 2006

15. ICEVI-WBU Joint Policy on Inclusive Education – 2008

16. Inclusive Education Implementation Guidelines – 2012

17. WBU-ICEVI Joint Submission to the UNCRPD Committee on the Education of Persons with Disabilities

18. Regional Development

19. Types of Membership with ICEVI

20. WBU-ICEVI Joint Assemblies 2016 - ICEVI Day

- Call for Papers

- Official Abstract Form

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Source: The International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment
When: 03/7/2015

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