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Election of nine Members of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to replace those whose terms are due to expire on 31 December 2016

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is composed of 18 independent experts - persons of high moral character and recognized competence in the field of human rights.

In accordance with article 34, paragraph 7, the term of nine of the members elected will expire on 31 December 2016. Thus, nine seats in the Committee must now be filled through an election.

The ninth session of the Conference of the States parties to the Convention will take place in New York from 14-16 June 2016. The election of nine members of the Committee is scheduled to take place on 14 June 2016 during this meeting.

In accordance with article 34 of the Convention, States Parties will be invited to nominate candidates through a written communication, which will be sent out early in February 2016. The deadline for nominations will be 14 April 2016. All nominations must be received through official correspondence from the submitting State party, along with a CV (IN WORD 97-2003) in conformity with the models presented below. Interested States and individuals are invited to refer to the Q & A on the Elections.

Article 34, paragraph 4 of the Convention states that “the members of the Committee shall be elected by States parties, consideration being given to equitable geographical distribution, representation of the different forms of civilization and of the principal legal systems, balanced gender representation and participation of experts with disabilities”.

Article 34, paragraph 3 states that “When nominating their candidates, States parties are invited to give due consideration to the provision set out in article 4, paragraph 3, of the present Convention”, according to which “States parties shall closely consult with and actively involve persons with disabilities, including children with disabilities through their representative organizations”.

Members are elected for a term of four years by the Conference of States Parties. Committee Members serve in their personal capacity and may be re-elected once if nominated.

Nominations are due by 14 April 2016. The nominations and biographical data, preferably in accordance with the biographical data form, should be submitted to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva, CH-1211 Geneva 10 and in ELECTRONIC VERSION: English, French , Spanish (Word) to Nominations will ONLY be processed when submitted in WORD FORMAT and WITHIN THE PAGE LIMIT,(1 and a half pages-Roman text 12)

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