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1st February 2016


-Services of Pakistan’s Blind Diplomat at Permanent Mission to UN Laudable: PM Nawaz

-Parliamentary Representation for Disabled Women Urged

-Vedika Bhandarkar Appointed Managing Director for in India

-Dispatches: Shackling No Answer for People with Disabilities

-Divyang vs Viklang: Disabled, Disenfranchised but Divine

-Disabled Passenger Says Air India Made Her 'Crawl'

-Activists Protest 'Denial of Rights' to Disabled Travelers

-Bangla Group Bats for Differently-Abled Workers

-Financing a Major Challenge to SDGs ICCB says Realistic Approach Should be Taken in Devising Goals

-Tibet: Overcoming Prejudice and Empowering Youth with Disabilities

-Wheelchair Accessible Tuk-Tuk Debuts

-Parents Often Reject Surrogate Babies with Defects, Australian Review Says

-Disability Indicators Proposed for the SDGs

-Woman with Intellectual Disability Fights for Her Autonomy at European Court

-Mauritius: Health Minister Highlights Necessity to Treat Persons With a Mental Disorder With Respect, Dignity and Compassion

-Sierra Leone News: CARD-SL Launches Livelihood Support for Young People

-Adopting JiaJia: Abandoned Chinese Boy Heads 'Home' to U.S.

-Disability Community Protests Accessibility Legislation

-Tiny but Mighty

-Zika Virus Threat Puts Abortion Rights and Disability Rights on Collision Course

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