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Agreement on new EU public sector website access is ‘crucial milestone’

An agreement on new European Union (EU) rules on the accessibility of public sector websites is a “crucial milestone” on the journey towards an inclusive digital society, say disabled campaigners.

This week’s agreement between MEPs, the European Commission and the EU Council should mean that the rules will be introduced through domestic legislation across the EU.

The European Disability Forum (EDF) said it was “delighted” that the “main demands and expectations” of the disability movement had been “listened to and taken on board” for what will be the first EU-wide rules on the accessibility of public sector websites and mobile phone apps.

It described the agreement as “a crucial milestone to achieve an inclusive digital society”.

The rules will cover local and national government, police forces, public hospitals, universities and libraries, and many other public sector organisations.

The EU Directive on Web Accessibility for Public Sector Websites will mean that new websites and mobile phone apps of all public sector organisations will have to be accessible, while existing sites will have to be updated.

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