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ASEAN Commission to release report on women’s rights, gender equality

The ASEAN Commission on Women and Children ( ACWC ) plans to release a report on women’s rights and gender equality this June, examining the progress and disparities experienced by Southeast Asian women in politics, education, health and the community.

Datin Paduka Hjh Intan Kassim, Brunei’s representative to ACWC and chairperson of the human rights body until the end of 2016, said the report took almost three years of data collection by national researchers.

“Many ACWC representatives will be reaching the end of their tenure this year so we felt it was important to push out this research by June,” she told The Brunei Times in a recent interview.

In June, the ACWC will hold a special meeting in Bangkok to collate all the country reports into a single ASEAN report, charting the progress women have made as well as identifying areas where disparities still exist.

“For each ASEAN member state there is one researcher and the regional researcher to consolidate all the findings. The researchers are free to use any sources,” said Datin Intan.

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