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Leaders Around the Globe Celebrate DPI AP Assembly

Press Release Tokyo, Japan, 25 May 2016

Assembly started with opening ceremony. Representatives from 14 Membership National Assemblies heard strong and encouraging messages from around the globe.

After the welcome message by Ms. Hidori Hirano, Chairperson of DPI-Japan, Mr. Masahiro Nakata from the Ministry of Foreign Affiars of Japan made a remark showing an expectation towards fruitful discussion under broader topics surrounding persons with disabilities internationally. Through video, three worldwide influential women with disabilities gave encouraging messages: Ms. Judith Heumann from the U.S. Department of State, Ms. Venus Ilagan from Rehabilitation International and Ms. Rachel Kachaje from DPI World. Lastly in the opening session, Mr. Eita Yashiro, Hon. Regional Chairperson of DPI AP, delivered a keynote speech.

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